Vandalism: The Mad Disease

Pulling his coat closer, Tim briskly walked down Kimathi Street. He lived in Kangemi Nyeri, and at that hour of the night there were no boda boda or taxis working that route. He knew that this street could get dangerous, but he had no option. His ailing wife was probably still seated on the same sofa she was when he left for work. The meeting had taken three more hours than anticipated.

Suddenly! There was a movement in the shadows ahead of him. A cold chill ran down his spine as his heart started pounding faster to supply sufficient blood for a flight or fight reaction as fear crept all over him.He started moving vertically across the road, prepared to take a flight if need be.

Vandalism is literary a very mad disease. People work hard and get taxed by their local governments. That money is then used to improve the infrastructure and economy of that community. This includes putting up of street lights, hospitals and other public office buildings. It’s sad when a fully grown human being decides that the best way to spend their time or express their frustration is by vandalizing some of these things.

Darkness breads all kinds of crazies –especially when it’s combined with empty pockets, growling stomachs and empty stares from your kids or/and spouse.

Tim was now suffering the results of some vandals who thought that it was funny to knock out all the street lights along that street. A dog appeared from behind some bushes and hurriedly ran into some other bushes across the road.

As Tim got around Githwariga primary school, he heard heavy footsteps as someone came running towards him. Without any second thought, Tim just broke into a freaky run that seemed to surprise both him and the person behind him.

When he was safely at his gate, he stopped to catch his breathe. That’s when he realized that the mad figure was still running towards him. Since he hadn’t even taken his keys out yet, he decided that it was time to fight back and defend dear life. As he was about to attack, he heard his neighbors voice as he called out to him. Apparently he was trying to catch up so that they could walk home together. After all, there is safety in numbers. He had tried to hurry up and when that didn’t work, he had decided to run after Tim.


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