3 Ways in Which Acupuncture Helps During Pregnancy

As a woman when you become pregnant, your body will start to change and grow bigger than normal. The increased growth is meant to create more room for the child growing in your womb. The growth results in weight gain, stretch marks, dizziness and leg cramps among others. These changes tend to leave most women swollen and in pain. However, you can use medication to reduce or even prevent the pain that you might be suffering. Since some pain medication such as aspirin can be useful, but also harmful to the baby.

Acupuncture is a treatment process that uses fine needles to help patients recover from illness by correcting the imbalance energy flowing through your body. The following are some problems that you will benefit from visiting an acupuncturist:

Reducing Foot Pain

First of all, you should acknowledge that moving around, and light exercises are good for both you and your baby. With all that added weight resulting to swollen and hurting feet, you need a quick and sure solution to your problem. Feet injuries are pretty hard to heal if you keep walking around and putting more pressure on your wound.

With a series of acupuncture therapy sessions, you will be able to alleviate these unpleasant symptoms. Your acupuncturist will look for any blocked meridians that might be causing the pain, and then use acupuncture to bring in some fresh blood and oxygen to facilitate the healing process.

Labor Duration Reduction

The longer it takes to deliver a child, the more pain that the mother has to endure. Reducing the labor duration plays a significant role in easing pain during the child delivery experience.

The use of acupuncture has been proven to reduce the labor time by a whole twenty percent. To prep your body for the birthing experience, your acupuncturist will use acupuncture to improve your cervical maturation. A well mature cervix goes a long way in making the pushing out of the baby a little bit sufficient.

Reduction of Pelvic Pains

The most common symptom exhibited by pregnant women is pelvic pains. The stretching of ligaments and the increased size of your womb will result in severe or mild pelvic pains. If you factor in the increased hormones, the pain will keep growing. However, the use of acupuncture can be very effective when it comes to alleviating such suffering.

The acupuncturist will target the right meridians to improve the flow of energy (Qi) which then encourages your body to activate your self-healing mechanism. Using painkillers with adverse side effects might not be a wise choice; especially since it can trigger a miscarriage.


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