The Hand That Gives


In a world rid with health problems, poverty and antisocial behaviors there seems to be no solution in sight. In my own opinion, I think that the best and most simple solution to most of these problems is a loving human touch.

Volunteering to help those in need is a great way of giving back to the community that you live in (whether they were part of your success story or not.)Even when you happen to be low on funds, you can always volunteer your time or skills.

Its crazy how there always seems to be someone who is hurting more than you. Even when you are trying to make do with one meal a day, there are some who hardly get any food for a day. The plus side of volunteering is that you not only get to help others, but that you also gain from the experiences.

There are studies that have been carried out on the benefits of volunteering to the volunteers and good health and improve social behaviors were on top of the list. You do not have to start aboard for your time and hard work to matter; you can always start with your local community and work your way up.

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer


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