Sharing is Caring

We live in a world that is not so fair to all; a few people are wealthy, healthy and happy whereas the majority is either struggling with health problems and poverty.

Generosity plays a very serious and important role in a world like this. The good thing about being generous is that it is somewhat of a “symbiotic” relationship.

Volunteering and helping the less fortunate has been associated with things like health benefits and even an improvement in social life. Even though the less fortunate can hardly help you out, giving and helping out gives you a sense of accomplishment. However, the best way to help out is to not go in expecting something in return.

Being stingy does not only help you gather wealth (a weak person’s perspective) but it will also make you miserable and antisocial. And seeing that human beings are social beings, I would suggest that you get off your high horse and join the rest of us in reality.


Concentration is Key

Life is filled with dreams and goals that we all want to achieve; however, if you are not well organizes you might end up with none.

Good time management is vital when it comes to achieve your goals. Jumping from one task to the other without any plans might seem to work, but the reality is that you will be spending way too much time and getting inadequate results.

Planning your time properly is one way of gaining more free time –if you are able to concentrate on the task at hand you will not only do it better but also faster. For example, if you were to be working on the your Daily Prompt piece as soon as you get the word instead of postponing, you would end up saving time that you can use to do something else constructive.

However, different working methods work differently for different people. If you need time to figure out something, you can put it at the back of your list and give it ample time once you are done with the other tasks at hand.

Inner Beauty

ibeauty.jpg In a world that appearances mean more than the value that one has to offer, elegance can be said to be compromised. People without much of self esteem are going through some pretty drastic changes just to fit that Hollywood picture perfect image. From the celebrities who are supposed to be helping in molding the young, to the young kids themselves.

It is still very possible to be elegant even without lots of wealth and numerous plastic surgeries. Simplicity (although overlooked) is one great way of becoming elegant without having to transform yourself. However, people are very different from each other and at the end of the day, one is bound to do what he or she pleases.

A Little Too Much!!

cake.jpgIf you are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to always be keen of what you consume and how much. For example, if you are a cake lover you need to watch your consumption. You could either cut down the amount you consume or opt for healthier options.

Most cakes contain huge amounts of calories and can be harmful to ones health when taken excessively. Besides from bad health, cake is mostly consumed with friends during festive seasons. Over eating it makes it lose its meaning (at least to people are strict about traditions.)

Next time you are out shopping for cake, you shouldn’t feel limited when it comes to your choice. From a wide range of designs and ingredients, you can find almost any type of cake you want. Either with gluten or gluten-free, whatever you like. Happy hunting!

via Daily Prompt: Cake

The Universal Language

music-notes.jpgI find the statement that “we live in a crazy world” to be an understatement of the reality we live in. So many things can and go wrong without any warnings; from terrorist attacks, suicide bombers to shootings in schools.

In all this madness, there is a universal language that can and helps a lot of people (if not all) cope with all the madness of the world. Music is its name. Humming melodies have been known to help people work harder and even to calm themselves while in the face of danger.

Music might be a simple act but it is very powerful. This is something that has been proven even scientifically for “Ye of little faith”

Embracing Your Inner “Child”

It is hard being a man in a time where the line between straight and gay men gets bleak with each passing day. Even though most women are on the front line of demanding for gender equality, the man is still charged with providing safety for his girlfriend/spouse. Showing any signs of weakness such as shivering under duress is not an admirable male trait. The most appreciated shivers are those of pleasure.

Being able to embrace your inner child affords you the freedom of doing ands saying whatever you want whenever you feel like it. This should not be perceived as an excuse to act like a complete kid, it should however help if you could share things that make you uncomfortable. If you are forcing yourself to act all macho to please some girl, you are better off using that energy in a more constructive manner.