The Power of Forgiveness

download-1It’s next to impossible for a human being to live all alone without interacting with other people at all. However, you find people isolating themselves from people that care about them just because of some stupid mistake that can be easily resolved. These are the kind of people who see the word “Sorry” as a sign of weakness.

An apology is a very strong and effective thing especially when it is coming from a sincere place. It also plays a big role in healing the person who had erred. When you have hurt someone you care of but you are on ready to ask for forgiveness, you also hurt yourself in the process. It becomes hard for you to move on with your life (unless you are a sociopath.)

It only takes you a few minutes and some of your pride to say you’re sorry; this might help you salvage your friendship or even just to have a clear conscious. Make sure that you get familiar with this word whenever you wrong someone –even the tiniest mistakes need apologizing! Apology


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