Aiming for your Dreams

Most human beings -if not all, are driven by certain goals each based on ones desires and aspirations. It can be quite depressing or heart breaking when one is not able to achieve their goals within the timeframe they had in mind.

As a businessman, communication with your clients is going to play a major role in boosting both your sales and productivity. The internet has made it easier for people to reach each other all across the globe. This brings the connectivity that is very good for any business that you might decide to venture into.

When you are able to communicate with your customers and get their feedback on whatever you are dealing with. Consumer’s feedback is a very important resource when it comes to improving your business.

To grow, you need to reach out to both fellow businessmen and consumers; this helps you stay updated on the latest developments in your niche thus enabling you to stay ahead. When you become successful, do not forget to reach out to your fellow men.



Wakey! Wakey!!


Just like a day is divided into day and night, so is a person’s life. (You get a sunrise when you are born and a sunset when you pass away.)

You can use this as a simpler way of living your life. For instance take the way a kid grows up; he or she will grow into an adult that reflects the way s/he was brought up. So if you want to have a responsible and smart kid, you need to start when they are young.

If you are looking to be the kind of guy who lives a great and productive, you need to start planning your days better. Early mornings are a great to start; this gives you time to do your job and other side projects, and still have time for your family.


Artistic Insight

Motivation is quite an important thing for someone to have; there are people who over come great adversities just because they had some motivation. This applies in all walks of life, not just to artists but even every one else on a daily basis. For a person to lead a good life, they need to have a plan that they follow. It could be their work, family or both and these are what keep everyone focused –or at least they should.

If you are looking to go far as a writer, one of the few things you need is a better source of inspiration – money should not be the main objective. Not all artists are lucky enough to have a muse, but you should still look for better motivation than the payment. The value of your work as an artist should be measured by the number of people it helps. But then again! Only you can make effective decisions when it comes to your life and career.

The Power of Forgiveness

download-1It’s next to impossible for a human being to live all alone without interacting with other people at all. However, you find people isolating themselves from people that care about them just because of some stupid mistake that can be easily resolved. These are the kind of people who see the word “Sorry” as a sign of weakness.

An apology is a very strong and effective thing especially when it is coming from a sincere place. It also plays a big role in healing the person who had erred. When you have hurt someone you care of but you are on ready to ask for forgiveness, you also hurt yourself in the process. It becomes hard for you to move on with your life (unless you are a sociopath.)

It only takes you a few minutes and some of your pride to say you’re sorry; this might help you salvage your friendship or even just to have a clear conscious. Make sure that you get familiar with this word whenever you wrong someone –even the tiniest mistakes need apologizing! Apology