Learn to be Firm


If you love watching movies, you have probably watched the following scene in some movie (probably one involving drug cartels)

        “A man/woman betrays his/her           friend with the aim of being in           terms with the new guy/boss,             only to be executed for being             unreliable by the guy that s/he           was trying to impress

You need to have some sort of stability in your life; do not end up being the guy who gets shot fore selling out their own friend. Whether it is in terms of social or career decision, go for something that you believe in and you are will to spend time growing. Avoid acting as the wind, which is never decided on which direction to blow towards.

But if you are thinking to yourself, “Ooh! But the wind is strong and can even be used to produce energy.” Just remember, that is the nature of the wind but as a human, you are not designed to be blowing all over the place. Wind


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