Journey to the Promise Land

We all have our own hell on earth moments; times when you are so down you wander whether misery and bad luck are your long lost siblings.

Steve was at such a point in his life and he was absent mindedly contemplating on his next move to try and add some cheer in his life. So when the matatu pulled up in Nyeri town, he was still in his wonderland..!! “Weh!! Kijana umefika! (Young man, you have arrived) “1 the high pitched voice of the tout broke his line of thoughts and brought him back to reality! Aargh!!

The Journey had been silent, boring and a very hazy one for Steve courtesy of the small bottle of vodka that he tucked in his bag after every bitter sip. This is partially why he was so deep in thought due to the effects of the vodka. When the matatu came to an abrupt stop, he was still out of it that he did not even notice that other passenger s alighting.

That was when the tout called out; startled he grabbed his duffle bag with his now relaxed right hand and headed for the exit. His first step was with a slight stagger as he fought to get his balance against the weight of the bag and the alcohol in his system.

A lungful of the fresh air brought back so many memories, this wasn’t a strange land to him –there might have been some changes here and there but the lay of the land was quite as it had been for the past decade or so. So he set off in the direction to his next matatu station; he had been to Mweiga a dozen times or son and even in that tipsy state, he could still recall the directions properly.

“Mweiga sabini (Mweiga Kshs. 70), Mweiga sabini!!” the tout could be heard screaming his lungs out from over fifty yards away. However, the passengers waiting for matatus to other destinations seemed deaf to the shouts.

Steve boarded the matatu to Mweiga and to the seat next to the window –you never know when you will call mwaura especially when your last meal you had was the previous night and you have guzzling down dry vodka for the past two hours or so. A few minutes after he had settled in his seat, a fairly light skinned voluptuous young lady with nice round perky breasts, sweet full lips that parted to reveal a white nice set of teeth and a behind to die for, made her way into the matatu.

After looking around for a bit, she made her way straight for the vacant seat next to Steve. A thin droplet of sweat started to form on his temple when she sand next to him with a lovely smile that spread across her face.

Whoever called alcohol “courage water” was somewhat of a genius. I don’t really condone it for the neurons it apparently shrinks but the way it makes men like Steve approach ladies who are deemed to be high class or something of the sort. However, the lady was pretty polite and easy going and by the time they got to that sharp corner at King’s., they were laughing like old acquaintances who have reconnected after a long time.

“5 star girls hukuliwa kwa macho,” however when you decide to make a move its best that you give it your all or nothing at all –technically you only have one option since you have nothing to lose. So when Mariana –the voluptuous young lady, said yes to Steve’s invite for a nightcap he was out of this world with excitement.

Later on that night as Steve was eagerly getting ready for bed with Marianna lying there looking like those mermaids we see in the movies who turn in to human beings; all that was in his mind was how things were starting to look up!! Literally!!


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