Journey to the Promise Land

We all have our own hell on earth moments; times when you are so down you wander whether misery and bad luck are your long lost siblings.

Steve was at such a point in his life and he was absent mindedly contemplating on his next move to try and add some cheer in his life. So when the matatu pulled up in Nyeri town, he was still in his wonderland..!! “Weh!! Kijana umefika! (Young man, you have arrived) “1 the high pitched voice of the tout broke his line of thoughts and brought him back to reality! Aargh!!

The Journey had been silent, boring and a very hazy one for Steve courtesy of the small bottle of vodka that he tucked in his bag after every bitter sip. This is partially why he was so deep in thought due to the effects of the vodka. When the matatu came to an abrupt stop, he was still out of it that he did not even notice that other passenger s alighting.

That was when the tout called out; startled he grabbed his duffle bag with his now relaxed right hand and headed for the exit. His first step was with a slight stagger as he fought to get his balance against the weight of the bag and the alcohol in his system.

A lungful of the fresh air brought back so many memories, this wasn’t a strange land to him –there might have been some changes here and there but the lay of the land was quite as it had been for the past decade or so. So he set off in the direction to his next matatu station; he had been to Mweiga a dozen times or son and even in that tipsy state, he could still recall the directions properly.

“Mweiga sabini (Mweiga Kshs. 70), Mweiga sabini!!” the tout could be heard screaming his lungs out from over fifty yards away. However, the passengers waiting for matatus to other destinations seemed deaf to the shouts.

Steve boarded the matatu to Mweiga and to the seat next to the window –you never know when you will call mwaura especially when your last meal you had was the previous night and you have guzzling down dry vodka for the past two hours or so. A few minutes after he had settled in his seat, a fairly light skinned voluptuous young lady with nice round perky breasts, sweet full lips that parted to reveal a white nice set of teeth and a behind to die for, made her way into the matatu.

After looking around for a bit, she made her way straight for the vacant seat next to Steve. A thin droplet of sweat started to form on his temple when she sand next to him with a lovely smile that spread across her face.

Whoever called alcohol “courage water” was somewhat of a genius. I don’t really condone it for the neurons it apparently shrinks but the way it makes men like Steve approach ladies who are deemed to be high class or something of the sort. However, the lady was pretty polite and easy going and by the time they got to that sharp corner at King’s., they were laughing like old acquaintances who have reconnected after a long time.

“5 star girls hukuliwa kwa macho,” however when you decide to make a move its best that you give it your all or nothing at all –technically you only have one option since you have nothing to lose. So when Mariana –the voluptuous young lady, said yes to Steve’s invite for a nightcap he was out of this world with excitement.

Later on that night as Steve was eagerly getting ready for bed with Marianna lying there looking like those mermaids we see in the movies who turn in to human beings; all that was in his mind was how things were starting to look up!! Literally!!


Learn to be Firm


If you love watching movies, you have probably watched the following scene in some movie (probably one involving drug cartels)

        “A man/woman betrays his/her           friend with the aim of being in           terms with the new guy/boss,             only to be executed for being             unreliable by the guy that s/he           was trying to impress

You need to have some sort of stability in your life; do not end up being the guy who gets shot fore selling out their own friend. Whether it is in terms of social or career decision, go for something that you believe in and you are will to spend time growing. Avoid acting as the wind, which is never decided on which direction to blow towards.

But if you are thinking to yourself, “Ooh! But the wind is strong and can even be used to produce energy.” Just remember, that is the nature of the wind but as a human, you are not designed to be blowing all over the place. Wind

Only Way Out!!

Blog PicUnstoppableI can’t really say that I have been around that long –given that my childhood alone accounts for half my life, but I have come to learn that the only way to make it in life is quite simple.

The reason that most people have lives that are hard and unfulfilling, is only because they are busy chasing the wrong things. If you are looking to be able to do whatever you like whenever you feel like it, you simply need to get your affairs in order first.

For example, if you are a football lover and there is a game coming on at a round 3pm, taking care of your chores and other responsibilities before then is the best way to go. You do not want to miss a crazy touchdown because some task you were to take care of requires your immediate attention.

To simply summarize it, you do not need any superhuman ability in order to become unstoppable at what you do, just use simple approaches effectively and you will be amazed by how far you can go.

Eating Habits to Lose Weight


If you are struggling with weight, there are several ways that you can use to try and put it on check. You could go on a diet, start working out or go for a liposuction. However, it is best that you do not take any drastic measures that might end up being harmful later on. If you want to go on a diet, the best way is to start out small and make changes that you can incorporate into your daily life. Strict and fast diets have been known to lead to the person gaining back their original weight after some time. If you change your eating habits to lose weight gradually, you will have some more permanent effect. The following are some of the small eating habits that you can start changing if you want to shed off the extra pounds:

Eating Breakfast Daily

When on a diet, it is wise that you make a point of eating your breakfast every morning. The phrase that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” has become cliché and yet some people tend to ignore it. Research shows that as a dieter, you have higher chances of losing weight and retaining your new size if you eat breakfast. For better results, you should try eating the same type of breakfast several days a week.

Drinking Lots of Water

A human body comprises of over fifty percent of water; this makes water a very important commodity and resource. If you are not used to taking water, you need to go slow on flavored water and processed drinking juice –they have high counts of calories. The benefits that you will gain from drinking lots of water on a daily basis are numerous. Here are some of the benefits that water has when taken regularly and constantly:

  • Promotes weight loss and flushes out toxins
  • It relieves fatigue and helps increases energy
  • Boosts your immune system
  • It helps maintain the regularity of your digestive system

Learn to Treat Yourself

With dieting, you will be giving up some of your favorite dishes one by one; however, it is wise that you at least have some way of treating yourself once in a while. Going cold turkey while dieting will lead you back to the weight that you started with in no time. A gradual change of your diet is more sustainable than a drastic one. Research shows that, provided you keep your treats below a hundred and fifty calories, you do not risk your weight loss endeavor. You can either have half a cup of ice cream or even tow squares of dark chocolate.


No matter how bad your eating habits are, you can easily break them if you are persistent and careful. Try downsizing your meal by using smaller plates than the ones that you are normally used to; it is quite hard for a person to resist the urge of eating when the food is right in front of you.