Role of Consumer Psychology in Social Media Promotion

Nowadays running a business has become very competitive and for you to be able to sustain your business and remain relevant, you need to improve how you market your services and products. Just imagine what you could be able to accomplish if you were able to read the minds of your customers? The use of consumer psychology in your social media promotions is the next best thing to reading consumers minds.

As an online marketer, social media networks play a very big role in either your success or failure. If you are looking to improve the traffic flow to your website you will need to change the ways you use to market your site. The surest way of ensuring that your social media promotion is going as good as you would like it or even better, you should use consumer psychology.
Consumer psychology can be defined as ways or processes by which a consumer use to select, use and get rid of services, products and ideas used to satisfy any need that the consumer might have. It also focuses on the impacts caused by the process above. As a marketer, once you are able to know what your consumers like and what triggers them, you will be in a much better position to improve the traffic of our site.
I am going to mention some of the things that might affect the psychology of a consumer leading him or her to purchase things that were not in their initial plan. They include the following and you should read and understand them to use while you are promoting your social media:
• Product or Service Costs
Price is the number one factor that plays a big role in consumer behavior. If you would take some time to think back, I am pretty sure that you will find a time when you went into the mall with a list of items only to leave with more because of some low priced items. This is pure consumer psychology at work, you get a product that is going for a very low price, and you just end up buying it –not because you need it but the low price drives you to make the purchase.

• Product Packaging
As human beings we are more of visual people, we relate a lot to something that we see more than what we don’t see. If you are looking to make your social media promotion go along smoothly, you will need to come up with some interesting packaging based on audience that you are targeting. If you are selling products for kids, you can have the packaging decorated with some nice cartoon images.
It is impossible to tell exactly how a person will react to the consumer psychology that you apply in your website. However, if you are able to manipulate your prices and ways that you package your services and products, you will be well on your way to better social media traffic. If you take time to understand them well and apply them into your promotions, you will be looking forward to the following benefits:
Increased Traffic
Being able to control how your consumers view your products or services online is very good for your business in a major way. Once you tweak your site by improving its appearance and the content you post in it, you will be able to not a difference in the traffic that you used to receive. Also make sure that it is easily accessible to anyone. Is it possible for the blind access your website? It is important to make your site all rounded and accessible by all. This will not only generate traffic but also improve your interaction with your visitors.
The more the traffic your site gets, the more money you will make in the process. Social media promotions will go more smoothly if you learn to utilize the concept of consumer psychology. It is funny how you can be blinded from logic by things such as emotions. This is more in the case of people who go for things such as “stress” eating. You find that a person is not hungry but he or she is eating just for the mere fact that he or she is stressed. Like a woman purchasing and eating a whole container of ice cream after a bad break up. Believe me when I tell you, consumer psychology is a gold mine for traffic and social media promotion improvement.

Hope this is going to go along way in assisting you turn those low traffic numbers that you have and make your website a “busy destination”


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